Foam Tex Foaming Cleaner
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Foam Tex Foaming Cleaner


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Mister Minit Foam Tex Foaming Cleaner is NEW easy way to clean your sneakers. Our Foam Tex Foaming Cleaner formula is gentle cleaning foam that removes dirt and stains from shoes. The directions are simple, just pump the handle that creates the foam directly onto your kicks, scrub the dirt away and dry. No more mess with water or unnecessary steps and no more wasted product. Mister Minit Foam Tex is ideal gentle cleaning foam for suede, leather, nubuck, mesh and plastic shoes, sneakers and hike boots.

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SIZE:                170ml


Ideal gentle cleaning foam for suede, leather, nubuck, mesh and plastic shoes, sneakers, hiking boots.



Shake well first.

Test in an inconspicuous place first especially coloured shoes.

Use a stiff brush to remove dust and dirt from shoes.

Apply gentle cleaning foam directly to shoe.

Use a soft bristle brush to work the foam in a circular motion.

Wipe clean with a microfiber or terry cloth.

Allow to dry.


For Suede, Nubuck and other nappa Leathers allow the surface to dry completely.

Loosen and raise the nap with a stiff suede brush.


Recyclable Packaging

Biodegradable Ingredients