Premium Horse Hair Shoe Brush
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Premium Horse Hair Shoe Brush


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The Mister Minit Premium Horse Hair Shoe Brush is great for wiping away the dirt & dust, and polishing to a brilliant shine. Our premium horse hair shoe brush has horse hair bristles set into a stylish wooden hand piece. Horse Hair bristles are softer than nylon bristles to prevent damage to delicate leathers. The horse hair reaches into the toughest areas of the surface pores and crevices better than cotton. Cleans and polishes all dirt, dust and marks. Great for use on all leathers, suede, vinyl, rubber, canvas and fabric. Mister Minit recommends using the Premium Shoe Brush when cleaning your shoes, sneakers, boots and handbags for the best results.

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SIZE:                200mm

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Apply your favourite Mister Minit polishing product and buff away to a brilliant shine.


Apply a small amount of polish or wax to the applicator bristles and work into the surface in a circular motion.

Buff out excess polishes or waxes with full brush to the desired finish.