Smell Well Shoe Refresher & Deodoriser Hawaii
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Smell Well Shoe Refresher & Deodoriser Hawaii


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Swedish scientists and athletes developed Smell Well Shoe Refresher & Deodoriser Hawaii to remove bad smells from the source. Therefore, each fresh scented Smell Well insert will leave your gear smelling crisp and clean. The main component of Smell Well Shoe Refresher & Deodoriser Hawaii is the activated carbon made from bamboo. Additionally, the activated carbon absorbs and neutralises bad smells, hygroscopic salts and minerals absorb moisture in the form of sweat from the air. An inner non-woven bag is holding the material. Simply place your Smell Well Refresher & Deodoriser Hawaii bag in your shoes, gym bag, sports gear, boxing gloves, closets, cars and much more and they will get to work immediately absorbing moisture and smell. In Conclusion, all four varieties of Smell Well range will remove bad smell from the source.

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Leave Smell Well in your shoes or sports gear overnight.

Smell Well absorbs moisture, effectively removes odor and leaves a fresh scent.

In severe cases it may take a couple of days before the full effect has been achieved.

Lasts up to 6 months.



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